Foster Angels on Earth

Cathy Oskowiak

President and Founder

Cathy's first experience with foster children was while she was employed as an Registered nurse at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, PA. in 1987. Taking care of the numerous abused and neglected children opened her eyes to an unfamiliar world. All too often , the children did not have anyone to stay with them or visit them during their hospital stay. It was that helpless feeling, that led Cathy and her husband to decide to adopt a child through the foster care system. In spite of having four children, they opened their hearts and home to Kevin in 2006. The adoption process started a pathway to advocate for children in the foster care system.

She started to work for the foster agency that handled the adoption process for Kevin. She developed training classes for foster and biological parents. She would also provide medical training for foster parents, who were caring for foster children with medical needs. While doing home visitations, she witnessed first hand the effects of abuse and neglect, that the foster children suffered. 

It is those experiences, that started her first community service project. As a Girl Scout troop leader, she created a Holiday Gift Program that fulfilled the wish lists of local foster children. The program grew over the next 10 years and during that time, other programs were created to assist and enhance the lives of children in foster care. In 2017, she Foster Angels on Earth, Inc. a 501c3 Non Profit organization was created and is dedicated to support and enhance the lives of children in foster care through  the  various programs that we support.

Patricia Hartman

Vice President and Co-Founder

After experiencing the adoption of her nephew, through the foster care system. Patti researched the the process of adoption , through the foster care system and educated herself on the plight of the children in the system. With her education and experience in Sales and Marketing, she utilizes her skills to educate and promote the various programs that are offered by Foster Angels on Earth, Inc to corporate America.

Patti has spent many years in the volunteer sector for numerous organizations. Including but not limited to; Special Olympics, Youth Count, United Way and the Girl Scouts of America.

Magin Clark

Secretary and Co-Founder

Foster care and foster children have been a part of Magin's life, since she was a child. It was without question, that when it came time for Magin to choose a career, that she chose to pursue a degree in Social Work. Upon graduating from Temple University with her Master Degree in Social Work, she accepted a position as a Foster Care Caseworker for Delta Community Support. Within a few years, she was promoted to the Adoption Supervisor. As that program grew, so did her responsibilities and was soon named the Associate Director of Adoptions. She has currently held that position for over 10 years. When children are brought into the foster system, Magin has witnessed firsthand how stressful those first hours, days and weeks are, as she is the proud mother of two beautiful, adopted daughters. A child can be placed anytime during the day or night and usually with only the clothes they are wearing. Infants come from the hospital in the clothes with the hospital logo stamped on them. This has driven her passion to make certain that every child that enters the system will have a placement bag filled with three days worth of clothes, personal item, toiletries and a comfort item.